Wilma Wide XL 8 Pot ( 18 Litres ) Complete Dripper System ( NEW STYLE )


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 As simple to use as a pot, but with less maintenance thanks to the timer which automates feeding, the Wilma dripper system continues to be successful for those not wanting hassle.

The pots are filled with your chosen growing medium, you set the timer to the desired feeding duration and frequency, and a pump delivers nutrient solution through the drippers into the pots. Perfect if you want the familiarity of pots and the increased yields produced by plants fed little and often.

Dimensions: 190cm x 90cm

Please note: This item carries an extra delivery charge of £12.50 for out of gauge dimensions.

Dripper System Contains:
1 x Tank
1 x Tray
8 x 18 Litre Pots
1 x Pump
1 x Delivery System
8 x Drippers
1 x Full Instructions
From The Manufacturer:
The Wilma is like a pot with a personal assistant! The Wilma feeds the plants little and often, which provides the plants with more water and nutrients than if they were hand-watered.

When watering once per day you can't give a plant all the water and nutrients it needs for optimum growth because you would waterlog the medium and starve the plant of oxygen.

In a Wilma the plants are provided with water and nutrients little and often, so they are able to take up more water and nutrient and they are never over or underfed or watered, so the Wilma produces bigger yields compared with pots.

Because of the frequent watering clay pebbles can be used which allow much more air around the roots than any other growing medium - and better access to oxygen = bigger yields.

Plants benefit from the accurate feeding of active hydroponics and you benefit from the simplicity and flexibility of growing in pots.

The ideal step up from a pot.