VitaLink Foliar

VitaLink Foliar

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VitaLink Foliar is available in 250ml, 1 litre and 5 litres.

From The Manufacturer:
A calcium-rich foliar feed, VitaLink Foliar is scientifically proven to help produce stronger and healthier plants. Plants require a large amount of calcium for the development of cell walls which keep plants strong and healthy by increasing the resistance to pests, disease and drought.

  • Boosts plant health and strength due to calcium-rich content
  • Increases resistance to pests and disease
  • Promotes superior flowering
  • Perfect for indoor growing
  • Ideal for growing in coco
Directions Of Use:
Dosage: 100ml/1 Litre weekly. Spray under low light intensity or just before your grow lights are due to go off.
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