VitaLink Finale

VitaLink Finale

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Available in 250ml,1 litre and 5 litre bottles.

As the name suggests, VitaLink Flush is a flushing solution which improves the final ripening and final quality of your plants.

  • Promotes faster ripening by eliminating old nutrients.
    • Most growers want their plants to ripen as fast as possible. However, ripening can be delayed if old nutrients, such as nitrogen and other residues are held within your plants during the last stage of their life cycle. VitaLink Flush effectively eliminates old nutrients and residues, which results in the fastest ripening.
  • Increases plant quality and yield by driving energy up towards the reproductive organs.
    • VitaLink Flush creates a root stress when used during the final stage of your plants' life cycle to remove old nutrients and residues, which results in energy being transferred from the root zone up towards the reproductive organs. This transfer in energy to the reproductive organs increases overall plant quality and yield.
  • Corrects over-fertilisation at any stage of the life cycle.
    • Over-fertilisation is a common problem, with most growers having fed their plants with too much nutrient at some point during their growing projects. VitaLink Flush can be used throughout your plants' life cycle to correct over-fertilisation by removing the excess nutrient. Use VitaLink Flush with fresh water in your hydro system for 48 hours to correct over-fertilisation.
  • Aids quicker plant recovery by minimising stress.
    • Over-fertilisation can seriously stress your plants, resulting in unhealthy, lifeless plants. VitaLink Flush not only removes excess nutrients, it minimises plant stress. This is because VitaLink Flush ensures a balanced level of nutrients are removed, rather than totally stripping your plants of nutrients.
  • Better than water because it removes nutrients slowly.
    • A lot of growers will flush their plants with water only during the final week of their plants' life cycle. Scientific tests show that this can cause a sudden leach of nutrients, which can stress your plants. VitaLink Flush removes nutrients at a rate that is comfortable for your plants, resulting in healthy plants.
  • How should I use VitaLink Flush?
    • VitaLink Flush should be used in the final week of your plants' life cycle to remove excess nutrients and improve final ripening and quality. It can be used at any stage of the life cycle to correct over-fertilisation.

Made from natural minerals and plant extracts, VitaLink Flush is particularly useful when the taste and texture of the crop is important. This product is most commonly used in hydroponic systems, but also gives great results when used with soil as well.