VitaLink Coir Max A + B Nutrient

VitaLink Coir Max A + B Nutrient

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VitaLink Coir Max A + B Nutrient is available in 1 litre, 5 litres and 10 litres sizes, and hard and soft water variations.

From The Manufacturer:
VitaLink Coir MAX is an advanced yet easy-to-use coco coir formulation that is scientifically proven to deliver excellent plant results. VitaLink Coir MAX has been developed specifically for the unique properties of coco coir media and contains a key level of all elements including added EDDHA (increases iron availability) and fulvic acid (aids nutrient uptake).
Directions Of Use:
  • Should be used from week 1 of vegetation right until flowering week 8.Formulated for soft water and hard water locations.
  • Dosage: Young plants = 1-2ml/litre. Mature plants = 3-4ml/litre.
Simply add the VitaLink Coir MAX two-part product to your feeding schedule using the recommendations found either above, on the bottle or the VitaLink feed charts and watch your plants grow and bloom.
VitaLink Video On Coir Max A + B Nutrient