Things Are Hotting Up, Part Two
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Things Are Hotting Up, Part Two
PUBLISHED: 30th April 2015
by George

Those of you who read my previous blog about ways to tackle the heat may have noticed that I missed out air-cooled lighting. This was because we felt that the subject was so big it should have its own dedicated article.

Over the years of serving customers here at The Hydro Store we have been fortunate to be able to learn the different ways, sometimes crazy, that growers have found to tackle problems. But if it worked for that grower at that time who are we to judge?!

In this article I have taken the 3 most common and most cost effective ways of turning your grow room into an grow room that uses air-cooled lighting. On the surface, looking at air-cooled lighting probably seems complicated, I know it did to me at first. But once you have invested time and money into it you will always have it to fall back on. Some of you may even find that you prefer your room using air-cooled lighting and leave it like this all year round.

Room 1

This setup is the most commonly used setup. It consists of a minimum of two fans, one to extract odours and heat from the room and one to pull / push air across the air-cooled lighting. See below.

Room 2

This is probably the cheapest option as it can consist of only 1 fan as you will notice the carbon filter is attached to the end of the air-cooled lights. Plenty of our customers use this method as a cheap quick fix and we have also tested it ourselves and it does work, but it can cause problems. Ensure you clean the glass of your shades - this is important with all air-cooled lighting but especially in this method as loose carbon from the filter quickly covers the glass on the lights with a fine dust. See below.

Room 3 

This is my personal favourite as I find it the safest method in terms of odour control. There are two versions shown and explained below.

One thing to bare in mind with Room 1 & Room 2 is that sometimes odour from your grow room can be picked up through cracks in your ducting or in the seals of your reflector if you have cheap air-cooled fixings gaps ( not supplied by The Hydro Store ). These bad odours could then be extracted out of your room unfiltered. Room 3 has a unique inline filter system that allows you to be 100% certain that no unwanted odours are leaving your grow room. This setup can be run with one fan like room 2 or for those of you wanting the best then a second fan and filter can be added to help remove even more heat.

I hope this article helps you to understand air-cooled light systems a bit better but if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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