The Search For The Holy Grail
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The Search For The Holy Grail
PUBLISHED: 15th January 2015
by George

This article contains the simplest way to vastly improve as a grower. We have used and passed on this advice to many of our friends and customers, some of whom are now the best growers we know.

Time and time again people come into the shop wanting to change the method they grow and the nutrients they grow with, saying someone they know just got a better yield using a different system than they did using theirs. Hearing this we explain it is not a good idea to constantly change your chosen method of growing and nutrients because it will simply stop you from ever mastering anything.

Consider a professional sportsman – If a professional footballer was to decide he wanted to play rugby for the next 6 months and then 4 months as a cricketer then the chances of that sportsman being able to remain at the top level of all 3 sports is nearly impossible. This same theory can be applied to growing.

If you get a bad result, instead of blaming the equipment or the nutrients you used, the first thing you should be doing is to review what you did in the duration of a plants life to look for where you could have gone wrong or where there was room for improvement. This may be temperature control, it may be how little time you spent in your grow room, it may be ( as we touched on in our last blog post ) grow room cleanliness, or it could be plant variety, to name but a few things.

Plant variety is particularly important. Believe it or not plants from the same species but with different varieties/genotypes can, and often will, have very different requirements. This could be in their nutritional requirements, it could be in the temperature range they prefer. Until you grow the same variety of plant a number of times you will have no way of ever getting to grips with the plants preferences. Growing the same variety repeatedly will not only help you learn the plants requirements but you will also discover how to manipulate your chosen nutrient to get the best from it.

Nutrient company grow charts are a great guide, following them can almost always guarantee some level of success, but remember it is only a guide – like humans, all plants are different and, like humans, they need to be treated different to the next plant. It is for this reason that commercial level growers use cuttings/clippings/clones when seeking to maintain a high level of uniformity and control over hundreds, sometimes thousands, of plants. If they were to grow out a 1000 seeds while trying to maintain a high level of control it would quickly become a very labour intensive process.

So remember, before you consider changing everything in your grow room/area to something completely different there is NO one method or nutrient that is hands down the best – if that was the case, the whole world would be using that method or nutrient.

If you have been struggling to achieve success with your chosen method then get in touch because we can do 1 of 2 things :-

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