The Blame Game
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ARTICLE: The Blame Game
PUBLISHED: 25th February 2015
by George

I wish we didn’t, but once in a while we have a customer who is a bit down in the dumps as they have just got a bad result/yield from their last harvest. If we are honest with ourselves we have all had a bad harvest, now why is this?

Well, throughout the years, and especially since I’ve been lucky enough to be connected to so many talented growers, I took a lot of time to try to answer this question and single out the factors, so I could help my customers to avoid a dreaded bad harvest.

Well, instead of putting up another checklist of things you need to do or things to avoid, I’m going to tell you a little technique that I started to use to figure out reasons why I had ended up with bad results.

I have lost count on the amount of times that customers have come into the shop complaining of a bad harvest and asking me to recommend a new nutrient range as they are blaming their choice of nutrient for the poor yield. The other classic thing is to blame the plant variety for achieving a bad harvest. Blaming the plants or the nutrients, instead of getting to the real reason, is a bad habit in the hobby growing community of growers. 9 times out of 10 this is simply NOT THE CASE.

There is a saying that springs to mind in these situations and I often say it to my customers when the timing is right… “A bad tradesmen blames his tools.”

To continue on your path to becoming a better grower the next time you get a bad result, or even if you dont get a bad result, this is what I recommend you do to assess your last grow cycle – take some time to think about:

It might sound obvious but not many growers do this. ​I personally guarantee if you start to assess your growing you will fast become a much better grower.

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