Sylvania Gro-Xpress 600W Lamp

Sylvania Gro-Xpress 600W Lamp

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The Sylvania 600W GroXpress SHP-TS is an excellent bulb for the bloom period providing very good watts / lumen and is very economical. Sylvania 600W GroXpress High Pressure Sodium lamp is considered one of the bulbs with more lumens available on the market and is the ideal solution for all kinds of growers at an affordable price. The lamp stands out not only for the high quality of the materials used, but also for the manufacturing and quality control processes, guaranteeing the bulb's performance and reliability.

Main points:

  • Produces excellent results when used for the blooming period
  • Provides a great watt/lumen ratio and is very economical
  • Wattage: 600W/ Colour Temperature: 2000K/ Lumens: 165.000
  • Suitable for all kinds of growers
  • Produced with high quality materials and subject to meticulous manufacturing and quality control processes