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Spin Pro Trimmer

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Manual Spin Pro Trimmer

The SpinPRO is aimed at the small/medium sized projects, Mainly used to the removal of leaves and roots the SpinPRO offers a great clean cut, All done manually with just a couple spins of the handle your plants will be cut! 

How does the SpinPRO work?
It's just like a tumble trimmer. The flower buds are placed on the grill. When you place the lid on top of it and turn the crank, the buds start to roll over the grill while they are pressed lightly against the grill. Turning the crank also causes a fine cutting wire underneath the grill to spin rapidly. The grill can be taken off, so that you can empty it right away onto a drying rack or collection bin. 

How do you know when the buds are fully trimmed?
You can either count the number of turns, or you can use a clock. Determine the optimal time when you start with the trimming job. 

Do you have to trim manually before or after trimming with the Tumble Trimmer?
No. The SpinPRO is almost soundless, when the wire spins free from the grill. When it is set to touch the grill, No noise is generated either. It can be used at night, without any problems. 

What is the best thing to do with the trimming waste?
As with most trimmers, the leaves are cut at high speed, so the trimming waste is largely mulched.

How often does the SpinPRO have to be cleaned?
You can work easily for an hour before the machine has to be cleaned. Use some mineral spirits and tissue paper to clean the grill fast. 

Can the gears of the Tumble Trimmer be broken if something gets stuck?
No, the gearbox of the Tumble Trimmer is equipped with a torque limiting device, that protects the gears against excessive forces.