PowerPlant Cool Tube Air Cooled Reflector 6” (150mm x 400mm)

PowerPlant Cool Tube Air Cooled Reflector 6” (150mm x 400mm)

Air cooled tube reflector for 6” ducting.

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This 6" / 150mm Cool Tube is an affordable way to air cool your lights. These light fittings take 90% of the heat away from your plants so you can control the environment easily and achieve maximum rated lumen delivery from your lamps. This means positioning your lamp directly above the plant no longer runs the risk of heat damage. 

Numerous Cool Tubes can be linked together or they can simply be used on their own. Anyone choosing to air cool their lights will also need a fan to extract the hot air away from the bulb or to blow cold air across the bulb. Both methods either pushing or pulling the air through the reflector with an inline fan are sufficient. For a choice of high quality inline extractor fans check our Ventilation and Environment Section by clicking here.

  • 400mm length 
  • 150mm width
  • Works with all wattage ballasts