Phoenix 600W Magnetic Ballast

Phoenix 600W Magnetic Ballast

This 600w ballast is one of the best performing budget ballast on the market!

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The Phoenix is a standard magnetic ballast and is one of the best performing budget light available. It will give you a higher output of light than the other cheap unbranded economy ballasts on the market.

This product is intended for horticultural use and not for general lighting. It is a fixed output power pack for use with compatible HID lamps and HID reflectors:
Product Lamp Rating Running Current Dimensions Weight
600W Phoenix 600W 3.1A 225 x 120 x95 mm 5.45kg
  • 90,000 lumens
  • 1 year warranty
  • The unit should be mounted on a flat, sturdy non-flammable surface. Alternatively, the unit can be wall mounted.
  • Provide adequate ventilation by ensuring at least a 50mm gap around the unit, and at least 100mm between units.
  • Connect the unit to a compatible reflector and lamp and ensure all packaging/protective coverings have been removed and the lamp is free from smears, fingerprints, etc. Wipe with a clean dry cloth before use.
  • Never switch the unit on without a compatible reflector and lamp plugged in to it.
  • Make sure you use a reflector and lamp that is compatible with the unit. If in doubt ask your supplier.
  • To allow the unit to discharge, never unplug the unit until 5 minutes after the supply has been switched off.
  • The lamp will get hot during use. If the lamp has been on, leave it to cool for at least 30 minutes before touching it and never touch lamp while it is switched on.