O'D Air Ozone Generator

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The new O'd-air Ozone Generator uses two of the most effective air cleaning methods to erradicate smells and air-borne microbes. Firstly, an air ioniser helps remove airborne particles such as dust, pollen and bacteria. Secondly, an ozone generator produces O3 which kills bacteria, viruses and mould spores. The unit comes with airline and air stones so that the ozone can be bubbled into water in your reservoir, killing pathogens and making it safe for your plants.

Both the ioniser and the ozone generator have seperate timers so that the amount of each put out by the unit is controllable. This unit is perfect for helping to reduce smells and keeping the bad microbes at bay.

From The Manufacturer:

O'D-AIR is UK designed, specifically for industrial applications to remove odours and sterilise by destroying bacteria, mildew, viruses and allergens. Nothing is more effective than ozone, it destroys the molecular structure of odours and pathogens.

Don't leave it to chance - O'D-AIR is reliable and ensures that no odour escapes!


O'D-AIR uses corona discharge technology to generate ozone, which is scientifically proven to destroy pathogens and odours to cleanse the air naturally - making oxygen as a by-product.

This is the only generator on the market to actively mix ozone with room air, meaning it works faster than any other. O'D-AIR is simple and safe to use with an automatic timer mechanism, it runs itself!