MaxiJet MJ750

MaxiJet MJ750

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MaxiJet pumps are multi-use and combine excellent perforance with a low price. Included are mounting bracket and a pre-filter. 

MaxiJet pumps are some of the most popular models on the market. Rugged and reliable they are suitable for many applications. MaxiJets are used in all but the smallest flood and drain systems, in all the Multi Duct NFT systems and numerous other hydroponic kits.

Each Maxijet water pump is supplied with instructions and comes wired ready to use with 2m of cable and 13amp plug. 

Fits 13mm flexible tubing or 13mm standard tubing with a ratchet clip.

In hard water areas we strongly recommend descaling your Maxijet water pump periodically to stop hardwater deposits building up.
  • Submersible multi-use pump
  • High performance with low power consumption
  • May be used externally or submerged
  • Waterproof rotating 360º water outlet
  • Silent, versatile, low-maintenance 
  • Protected motor will not overheat
Output: 620 Litres / Hour
Lift: 164cm