Maxibright iPac Ballast

Maxibright iPac Ballast

High quality Maxibright magnetic ballasts available in 250w, 400w and 600w

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One of the best quality power packs for HID lighting that money can buy. 


The iPac is a fixed output power pack for use with compatible HID lamps and HID reflectors.

  • Provide adequate ventilation by ensuring a gap of at least 50mm around the unit.
  • Ensure that all packaging/protective coverings have been removed from the reflector and lamp and the lamp is free from smears, fingerprints etc. Wipe with a clean dry cloth before use.
  • Check all mountings and connections before switching on the power to the unit
  • Switch on the socket outlet supplying power to the unit
  • The lamp will ignite and illuminate to full brightness within 5 minutes. To prolong the life of the lamp, always allow the lamp to fully warm up for 5 minutes before switching it off. After switching the unit off, leave it off for 15 minutes before switching it back on again.