Its In The ( CO2 ) Bag....
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Its In The ( CO2 ) Bag...
PUBLISHED: 28th January 2016
by George

Have you started using a CO2 bag yet? Join the thousands of people who are now reaping the benefits of this simple addition to your setup.

What Is A CO2 Bag?

A CO2 bag is a bag that is placed in the growroom that is designed to increase the CO2 levels in your growroom. It does this by producing CO2 naturally in the same way used in commercial mushroom farming.

Mycelial spores are inserted into special sterilised saw dust (this is the material you can see in the bag) As the mycelial spores attack the saw dust CO2 is produced within the bag. You know it is working as the material in the bag will become white. Breaking the material up gently will keep the production levels high. The CO2 produced in the bag is then released into the growroom via the vents in the bag.

Why Use CO2 Bags?

CO2 is one of 3 keys elements in growing plants, the other two being light and nutrients. To achieve the best results possible all the elements have to be at optimum levels. The amount of CO2 contained in the air we breath is around less than half the optimum level for a plant.

The CO2 bags release CO2 into the room gradually over a 12 week period and all you need to do is place the bag amongst your plants. CO2 bags are a simple and affordable way to see increased growth speed, quality and weight of harvest to your crop.

How To Use CO2 Bags

Simply place the CO2 bag amongst the plants and the CO2 production is activated then by heat and light which are always present in your grow room. Each bag can supply enough CO2 for up to a 1.5m2 area - that's a 1.2m x 1.2m grow tent. It will give this area 1000-1500ppm ( ppm - parts per million - is the measurement of the amount of CO2 in the air ).

Most growers extract from the top of the grow room so the air in the room is dragged upwards. With this in mind you should place the CO2 bag in between your plants. The best way in to take a spare plant pot turn it upside down and sit the CO2 bag on the pot. As the CO2 is produced it will come out of the bag through the breathable strips in the bag (NO NEED TO TEAR OPEN THE BAG). As it enters the room it will be dragged up through the canopy of your plants by your extraction kit, being taken in by your plants at the same time.

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