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Increase Your Yields By 70%
PUBLISHED: 23rd March 2016
by George

It may sound like a wild claim, but this isn't the usual pitch on a new flowering booster, just simply a tried and tested method of growing...

The Hydro Store's aim is to get you, as a valued customer, the BIGGEST, BEST YIELDS EVER so here is the first step in the right direction. This method is so SIMPLE that when you read it you are probably going to think 'Why haven't I been doing this since Day One?!'

The average grower we come across here at The Hydro Store has a growing cycle that is split with a 4-6 week vegetative period then they change their timers to 12 hours of darkness and run a flowering period for 8-9 weeks, finally finishing with a week drying things and cleaning down the room. So this is a total of around 16 weeks / 4 months for a crop, meaning around 3 harvests a year.

Well what if you could have 4 or 5, or even 6 harvests a year? This could give you an INCREASE OF UP TO 100%!

What would life be like if you were getting TWICE as many harvests per year?

By doing these 5 things you can achieve these results:-

1 - Be sure you have quality plants

If you grow from seeds or cuttings then always be sure to have 15% more plants than you need - this will allow you to pick the biggest, best plants to take through to flower. You can discard or sell the ones you don't need after around 2 weeks, usually the leaders and runts will be clear by this point.

2 - Try to create a vegetative room or space

The key to this method is having the ability to shorten your vegetative period so you will need to have a place to grow your plants before putting them into your main grow area. This may be a cupboard, an unused wardrobe or a small grow tent. Using CFL lighting, which produces little to no heat, allows you to grow plants in small spaces with no extraction, making it easy for anyone to create a cheap, effective vegetative space.

3 - Crop rotation is key

Just like in commercial horticulture crop rotation is the key - when a grow area is empty its not earning any money. This could mean having a vegetative space, or a drying space, or both, or maybe it just means being more organised. Keeping your grow area constantly full of plants is how you are going to achieve the extra harvests in a year. By having a vegetative space and rotating your crops the average increase is 66%.

4 - Use you time and space wisely

Try to take a step back and see if you are using your grow area in the best way possible? Do you need that huge walkway down the middle? If you had a feeding system could your plants occupy that space, and get you that extra yield you want?

5 - Remember, we never stop learning

Part of The Hydro Store mission statement is that we will never stop learning. There are always new products appearing, new methods to learn, test and adapt to pass onto our valued customers and clients. If you think you know everything then think again! Remember this.....

The Hydro Store are here to help and are happy to have a friendly chat to see if you are using your grow space to its full potential, and if there is anything you could be doing better.

100's of sites can sell you the equipment, but The Hydro Store can equip you with the knowledge to achieve the biggest and best yields you will ever have.

P.S. Keep an eye on your inbox as this is only the first in a series in which we will be releasing, the methods that we have developed over the last 15 years to achieve some amazing results.

Remember we talk about growing 10 hours a day and we want to help you to be the best grower you can be. Give us a call for a free grow room assessment.

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