Green House Powder Feed - Short Flower 1kg bag

Greenhouse Powder Feed - Short Flower 1kg Bag

Greenhouse Powder Feed Short Flowering 1kg bag, for plants with a short flowering or auto flowering life cycle.

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The Greenhouse Powder Feed is a simple alternative way to feed your plants. The Greenhouse Powder Feed Short Flower feed, is for plants which once flowerd have a short flowering or auto flowering life cycle. The feed can be used at different strengths as the plants progess from seedlings or cuttings into mature larger plants.

The dosage starts at around 2.5grams per 10 litres of water up to 10grams  per 10 litres of water for a large plant. A 1kg bag would make an average of around 2000 litres of water.

The feed has been developed so it can be used in Coco, soil and hydroponic mediums and will achieve the same great results in any medium. The powder is made up of minerals and trace elements when in its powder form has an NPK value of 16-6-26 this will be lower once diluted. The Greenhouse Powder Feed should be diluted in water with a temperature of  18-22 degrees celsius and stired well for 2-3 minutes.

16% N Total Nitrogen
11% NS Nitrogen Nitrate
5% NA Nitrogen Ammoniacal
6% P2O5 Nitrogen Phosphorus
26% K2O Soluble Potassium
2% Mg Soluble Magnesium (=2% Mg)
0.02% B Souluble Boron
0.04% Cu Souluble Copper (as Chelate form EDTA)
0.1% Fe Soluble Iron (as Chelate form EDTA)
0.05% Mn Soluble Manganese (as Chelate from EDTA)
0.01% Mo Soluble Molybdenum
0.01% Zn Soluble Zinc (as Chelate from EDTA)

Concentration gr./Lt.  0.5 1 1.5 2
EC (mS) 1 1.4 2 2.6
These values are calculated starting from tap water at medium hardness with EC 0.7