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GHE AquaFarm

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The AquaFarm by GHE ( General Hydroponics Europe )

The AquaFarm is the first hydroponic “home unit”, created more than 25 years ago by Lawrence Brooke, in California. Since 1975, thousands of these remarkable units have been sold worldwide, bringing satisfaction to their owners and growing thousands of beautiful, healthy plants.

These pots have several applications: in nurseries or indoor gardens for mother plants and collectibles, in the house for decorative or culinary plants of all sizes, or in the kitchen for aromatic herbs to use fresh while cooking.
They are used in research laboratories and universities and even in schools where studying plants growing hydroponically fills children and adults with wonder.

When to use an AquaFarm and a WaterFarm?
If you wish to grow a small number of plants and take them to maturity in an easy to use growing module. The large capacity reservoir of the AquaFarm helps stabilize the nutritive solution, and gives all necessary space for optimal root development.

How to use the AquaFarm and WaterFarm?
These systems come with simple and detailed assembly instructions as well as maintenance and management of the nutritive solution. 

Which are the advantages to use an AquaFarm and a WaterFarm?
The AquaFarm and the WaterFarm allows fast and generous growth, plus exceptional fruiting and flowering - with minimum maintenance.

How long before I see the results?
Very rapidly. The spectacular results due to hydroponic growing will surprise you very quickly, and make you want to do more.

Why use an AquaFarm and a WaterFarm?
The AquaFarm and the WaterFarm is the best growing system for its flexibility, its price, its quality, its durability, and its excellent performance
Dimensions ( L, W, H ): 45.5cm 45.5cm 43cm
Capacity: 35 litres

GHE WaterFarm

GHE WaterFarm