Gavita ECM1 External Contactor Module

Gavita ECM1 External Contactor Module

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External contactor module for the Gavita EL2 master controller.

From The Manufacturer:

The Gavita Master controller EL2 has two outputs for optional External Contactor Modules (ECMs). These industry grade contactor units can switch a load up to 15 amps of accessories during either lights on or lights off period. Using the ECMs you can switch, for example, your humidifier, heating, CO2 equipment and watering systems. As the ECMs are steered by a low voltage signal you can even locate them close to the accessories themselves, enabling easy installation and optimal flexibility.

Features & Benefits:

  • Plug & play accessory, max 2
  • One for lights on / one for lights off
  • Follows main channel, LED indication
  • Switched off at temp shutdown / mains loss
  • Uses low voltage for connection to controller
  • CE certified

Lights on:
Watering system
CO2 systems
Air conditioning
Extra fans / circulation fans

Lights off:
Heating / floor heating
Warning lights (night phase)


ECM Voltage: 120-240V
ECM Current: 15A AC3
ECM Switch type: DPST (Double pole, single throw)
ECM AC terminals: Male and female plug (depending on market and voltage), 40 cm / 1’ 4” cords
ECM Steering Input: Low voltage from controller, cage clamps
ECM On-indication: Blue LED