Flo-Gro Dripper System FG500

Flo-Gro Dripper System FG500

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Ready to grow... Just add nutrients and clay pebbles! A simple, effective motherplant or cupboard system.

The Flo-Gro is a top flooding active hydroponic system that uses a timer to control the number of floods per day. Plants are planted in a planter, filled with clay pebbles, placed above a nutrient solution tank.

Based on Ebb & Flood principles; nutrient solution is pumped from the tank to flood the planter and then ebbs away into the tank below. Plants receive all the nutrient solution they need as well as superb oxygen access as it pulled down into the root zone while draining. 

When used with clay pebbles the Flo-Gro creates a healthy, oxygen rich root zone, thanks to it's free draining nature.

Similar to the AQUA FARM & WATER FARM range from GHE.

  • Excellent delivery and even distribution of nutrient solution.
  • Adjustable delivery tube.
  • Easy access to pump and nutrient.
  • Low-level system to maximize headroom.
  • Deluxe fittings for quicker drainage.
Tank Size (L, W, H): 555mm, 460mm, 290mm
Planter Size (L, W, H): 420mm, 420mm, 127mm
Volume: 17 Litres
Recommended Tent Size: 60cm x 60cm or 80cm x 80cm
Recommended Number Of Plants: 1