Do I Need A pH and EC Meter?
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Do I Need A pH and EC Meter?
PUBLISHED: 10th November 2015
by George

Every single day at The Hydro Store we help growers resolve problems in their grow rooms and get them back on track to successful harvests.

Alot of the time the problems revolve around nutrients, or misuse of nutrients to be more precise, so a couple of the things we check when helping growers figure out their problems is:

"Do you know how strong you're feeding?" and "Do you know if your water is at a reasonable pH level?".

If they don't know the answers and it isn't really obvious from a consultation whats going wrong, then at this point we do ask growers to go away and monitor the levels of the feed they have been giving and return back and tell us what they have been doing. From this we can always help them correct problems easier, or they can even correct it themselves because sometimes the readings tell them where they have been going wrong straight away.

A common mistake growers make if they don't use an EC meter is overfeeding. This often happens when growers get into the flowering period and they start to add nutrients/additives/flowering boosters that have their own EC value. Without the use of an EC meter growers often make the following mistake:

Day to day they feed 40ml of each A & B nutrient in to their 10 litre mix. They dont know it but this has an EC of say 1.8ec to 2.0ec. A few more weeks in they start to add a flowing additive with has an EC value of 0.4ec. Before they know it they are at 2.4 EC which is far to high. If they had used the EC meter they would have known to reduce the A & B to 30-35ml before adding their flowering additive.

Simple problems with simple solutions. It might seem too technical at first but you will get to grips with it. If you want to grow like a pro then you need to take measurements of what you're feeding your plants. You can use pH and EC meters to do this.

Gareth says - "If you already use meters be sure to look after them, keep them clean and calibrated, and never let your pH meter or probe dry out."

George says -"Remember you're only as good as your readings"

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