Combi Ducting 10 Metre Lengths

Combi Ducting 10 Metre Lengths

Combi ducting for fans 4 - 12" / 100 - 315mm for your intake and extraction grow room fans.

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Combi ducting is aluminium ducting wrapped in a polyester coating to prevent the ducting from tearing or splitting, as some cheaper aluminium ducting can suffer from when very hot air is blown down the ducting. For all intake and extraction fans. Combi duct is very durable and fire retardant and is stocked in the following sizes:

4" / 100mm
5" / 125mm
6" / 150mm
8" / 200mm
10" / 250mm
12" / 315mm

Please select the diameter required from the dropdown menu above.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the internal duct size you are purchasing the overall size of the ducting with the insulation will be bigger.