Be Clear For The New Year!
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Be Clear For The New Year!
PUBLISHED: 9th January 2015
by George

So it’s a new year and for a lot of you this will mean a new start in your grow room/tent.  So with a fresh start in mind I thought I’d run through a few little tips to help give you the best start possible.

Be clinical. A clean grow room is a healthy grow room. Like ourselves, plants grown indoors don’t thrive in dirty conditions. A scruffy grow room with piles of rotting leaves and old growing medium all over the floor is a welcome mat and breeding ground for pests and diseases. Take time to have a quick clean up and scrub down your pots, trays and systems before you start again this year. Diluted Liquid Oxygen ( hydrogen peroxide ) or pH Down ( phosphoric acid ) are great things to kill anything harbouring nasty bacteria.

You’re only as good as your measurements. When growing with nutrients and hydroponic equipment it’s important to measure your feed strength levels and also the pH of the feed solution. As a gardener you can only be as accurate as the equipment you use to take these measurements. So with a new year ahead, be sure to calibrate your pH meters / EC meters – its a cheap process and it only takes a matter of minutes but it could prevent big problems further down the line.

Choose your plants carefully. Don’t rush into what plants you’re going to grow this year. Choose plants that suit the space you have and the time you have to grow. If you’re purchasing seeds, great, you have so much to choose from. If you’re buying cuttings/clones/clippings then take extra care you don’t buy any old cuttings – if you have a bad start then it is likely to be a bad finish/harvest. Whether you’re buying seeds or cuttings, a great way to grow the best plants possible is to purchase at least 10% more seeds or cuttings than you need – this way if you have any that don’t germinate or don’t grow the way you want you will always have the extras to make up the plants you planned for.

I hope these 3 simple things help you as much as they help me. It might seem obvious but growing doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s just getting the simple things done right to give yourself a great chance of a successful harvest.

All the best for your new grow!

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