B'cuzz Soil A+B Nutrient

B'cuzz Soil A+B Nutrient

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Optimum results for professional growers! B'Cuzz Soil Nutrition A+B are substrate specific, ultra- concentrated, two part based nutrients. Created using professional grade bio- mineral compounds, growers can expect maximum yield and quality.

B'cuzz Soil A + B Nutrient is available in 1 litre, 5 litres and 10 litres.

Seymour Budd, the hydroponics expert, has a revelation!
"We recommend using bio-stimulators alongside B'cuzz Soil A & B Nutrient."
...Seymour Budd, a man in the know!
From the manufacturer
A ( young ) plant requires important fertilizers. In that respect, our Soil Nutrient A & B still form the base for fine growing results on soil and/or ( potting ) compost. It is a professional bio-mineral nutrition, providing a stable and biological equilibrium of the substrate. The Soil A &B nutrient contains almost all the necessary nutrients for the whole growth stage. Soil nutrient A & B is suitable for both inside and outside cultivation.
Directions of use:
This nutrient can only be used when the B'cuzz Soil A & B are mixed together in water simultaneously. Use water at room temperature (21° C) for the best results.

Heavily fertilized (potting) compost: 1 to 3ml A and 1 to 3ml for B daily per litre of water.
Light fertilized (potting) compost: 1 to 5ml A and 1 to 5ml of B daily per litre of water.
NPK value: Soil Nutrition A 4-0-4 (w/v)
                  Soil Nutrition B 1-3-5 (w/v)

pH between 5.5 – 5.8
EC between 1.0 – 2.5
PDF for B'cuzz Soil A nutrient safety data

Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet For B'cuzz Soil A Nutrient

PDF for B'cuzz Soil B nutrient safety data

Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet For B'cuzz Soil B Nutrient