Atami ATA-XL

Atami ATA-XL

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Atami ATA-XL is available in 1 litre and 5 litres.

A clever mix of natural ingredients, added minerals, vitamins and amino acids provides an excellent growing and flowering stimulator. Ata-XL is a real miracle drink for your plant! This rich combination has a very favourable impact on the condition of the root system and encourages a growth spurt of the plant with sturdy branches. During the blooming period this powerful stimulator lets the plants flourish even more lavishly and provides well-developed, rich flowers.
Since Ata-XL exists of natural ingredients, it is possible that an organic odour develops. This does not affect the effectiveness of the product.
Suitable as an addition to the regular NPK nutrition for growing on soil, hydro culture and cocos. Add to the nutrient solution from the 3rd week of growing up to the last week of flowering.

Dosage: 1ml per litre of water.
PDF for Atami ATA-XL safety data

Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet For Atami ATA-XL