Atami ATA Bloombastic Coco Max Box Set

Atami ATA Bloombastic Coco Max Box Set

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For all new growers Atami has developed the Bloombastic Box that has everything. The Bloombastic Box is suitable for a 1m2 culture using the Coco method. Thus growing becomes a piece of cake. In combination with the ATA nutrients and supplements, the box provides excellent growth and flowering results.

This box set is the Coco Max version, The Hydro Store also stocks the Hydro and Terra versions of this popular box set.

Box Contents:
Atami Ata Bloombastic Coco Max Box Set:
  • 1 litre Coco Max A
  • 1 litre Coco Max B
  • 100 ml Rootfast
  • 100 ml Atazyme 
  • 250 ml Bloombastic