Aptus System-Clean 1 Litre

Aptus System-Clean 1 Litre

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Aptus System Clean is available in 1 litre.

From The Manufacturer:
System-Clean prevents microbial attack and blockages in the irrigation systems. Working with a clean irrigation is good for growth and development of the plant especially the root system. Biofilm in the irrigation system takes oxygen from the feeding water which absorb less nutrients for the roots. Not absorbed nutrition then acidify the medium. Therefore do not underestimate the importance of a clean process and a clean irrigation.

With the use of organic feeds or boosters such as Startbooster and Topbooster in drip systems, we recommend the use of System-Clean.

System-Clean is a concentrated product so only a small dose is needed. This makes System-Clean cheap to use. 1 litre of System-Clean is sufficient to supply 4000 litres of water.

  • Prevents clogging of irrigation systems
  • Removes deposits and biofilm from irrigation systems
  • Does not harm the plant
  • Adds extra oxygen to the root
  • Cheap in use by the high concentration
System-Clean contains a patented formula consisting of stabilized and activated hydrogen peroxide. This formula is 100 times stronger than normal hydrogen peroxide. These formulas are powerful but no harmful active substances are added. This makes the System-Clean a safe and good product to clean irrigation systems.
Directions of use:
Add System-Clean to the nutrient tank preferably just before each watering. Add System-Clean as last to the nutrient tank after adjusting the pH value. System-Clean will last for maximum three days. After three days mix System-Clean to the entire amount of water in the nutrient tank.

Tips & Tricks
Best method: add System-Clean just before watering to the nutrient mix and give it at once to the plants. If possible do not leave the entire mixture with System-Clean in it for too long, because of possible reactions with organic products.