5 Mistakes With Nutrients
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5 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Nutrients and How To Avoid Them
PUBLISHED: 3rd November 2015
by George

5 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Nutrients And How To Avoid Them:-

1... Never Mix Your A & B Nutrients Together.

It might seem obvious to some but this mistake gets made often. When mixing your nutrients add your A nutrient to the water, give it a good stir and then add your B nutrient and stir again. The reason nutrients are in separate bottles is because when mixed together without water it causes a chemical reaction making the nutrients something you wouldn't want to feed your plants.

Gareth says, "It comes in separate bottles for a reason - never mix without water."

2... The Correct Way To Fill A Tank/Reservoir.

When making up larger volumes of water it is important to be sure that the nutrient is mixed well. Take 100 litres for example. You should take all the nutrients and additives that you need for the 100 litres and mix them into 10-20 litres, creating a highly concentrated mix. Then you should add the other 80-90 litres of water. By mixing nutrients this way you create a much more consistent mix that is better for your plants.

Jack says, "By mixing nutrients properly you will get the best out of your chosen nutrient range."

3... Do Not Put pH Up And pH Down In The Same Mix.

It's one of the easiest and most common mistakes to make: You have mixed all your nutrients and you are pHing your tank and then you put in too much pH Down in and the pH has gone too low. DO NOT put pH Up in that water pH Up and Down should not be mixed together even in water it's not good for your plants. A better alternative is to use a silica or a rooting additive with a high/alkalie pH to raise it to where you want it.

Ben says, "Its important not to mix pH Up and Down. If you've only made a small bucket of feed I'd always just start again."

4... Making Your Food Too Strong

This mistake is normally made in the flowering stage of the grow when growers add flowering / PK boosters. The mistake is made as the A & B or base food you use has a certain strength and so does the the flowering additive so growers will add their booster to the mix and it becomes too strong but you shouldn't water it down as then you will need more additive. So bare this in mind - it is better to mix your additive first per how many litres you have and then add your A & B / base food to bring it up to your desired strength. Getting to grips with an EC meter will help you do this accurately.

George says, "Lower your base food as you increase your flowering additive for bigger yields and higher quality."

5... Get To Grips With Your Nutrients

Growers come to us after getting get bad results and want to change the nutrients as they believe the nutrient was the reason. Here at The Hydro Store we want you to get the biggest yields possible with the highest quality and we explain to people that the nutrient companies we recommend are tried and tested and really do work well. So if a bad result was achieved then it was more likely a grower mistake, environment issue or bad genetics. To get the best from your nutrients try to stick with it through good and bad results. We all get them. This way you will work out at what strengths they perform best and if they can be tweaked slightly from how the manufacture says to use them.

George says, "By growing with Dutch Master for years I saw an increase in yield but mainly a high increase in quality"

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