16mm Iceline Tubing For IWS ( 20 metres )

16mm Iceline Tubing For IWS ( 20 metres )

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Iceline is a unique double-walled irrigation pipe that helps you to lower the temperature of your nutrient solutions. It proves to be hugely beneficial for warm grow rooms and/or those featuring intense lighting systems – particularly during the summer!

On average you can expect to see a drop off of at least 3'C come from using this innovative product, but extra impressive reductions of up to 8oC have frequently been recorded! So how does Iceline work? Well, a white outer layer reflects heat away from your feeds whilst a black inner layer protects them against UV rays. Simple, yet remarkably effective!

Picking Iceline over other forms of pipework and achieving lower nutrient temperatures will significantly reduce the risk of pythium and other root problems. Highly recommended