Prevention Is Cheaper ( Part 1 )
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Prevention Is Cheaper Than The Cure ( Part 1 )
PUBLISHED: 19th January 2015
by George

Most people have heard the saying “prevention is cheaper than the cure”, this definitely applies to growing. It is relevant to many aspects of the process of growing but I want to focus on the two main factors that frequently cause the most problems.

The first is bugs/insects……… when it comes to insect attacks on your plants, prevention is prudent. This is not only because prevention is cheaper and easier than the cure, but also damage done by insects is  often irreversible, especially in the flowering cycle of your plants life.

So how do you prevent insect attack?

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, cleanliness is a big factor – a dirty grow room full of rotting leaves and soil all over the floor is a breeding ground for bugs. So BE CLEAN.

Secondly, sticky bug traps are a great way to catch any flying bugs before they get onto your plants and lay their lava. Hang these at various heights around your room – I like to put some down at pot level, some at canopy level and some high up in the room.

Last, but definitely not least, is a good foliar spray program. I will  talk more about this in future posts but a good foliar feed program is a great way to avoid bug infestation.

If you’re spraying all your plants regularly, say twice a week, and when doing so are spraying them thoroughly all over the plant from top to bottom, then bugs are going to struggle to get settled and take over your plant.

A great product to use as an all round plant tonic and bug treatment for prevention is SB Invigorator. I discovered this product a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. It’s great treatment for a whole range of bugs, can also treat powdery mildew, and due to the nature of the product, it requires no harvest interval so you can spray right up until the day before you harvest with no effect on taste of your end products.

I put it to the test on a crop that had a very bad powdery mildew, fungal attack that really had hold inside the system of the plant. I used it to wash all the powder off the plants before we harvested them with no negative effect on the end products.

So bear this in mind when you are next growing.

Most of you who have been growing for a year or so will at some point have come across spidermite, blackfly or thrips. If that’s the case,  you’ll know it’s really hard to get rid of them with what’s openly available on the market.

So grow smart this year and bare in mind prevention is cheaper and a lot easier than the cure once you have a problem. Check later for part two on nutrient deficiencies and the ways to prevent them from occurring.

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